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Easy-to-read narrative report with photographs by a professional home inspector is the best home investment you can make. Whether you are a home buyer or a home owner, an unbiased inspection is an excellent investment for the long term care and ownership of your property and investment.

You will receive a computerized, narrative report after your home inspection with color photographs that will make it very clear what issues the property has. The report will allow you to proceed with your purchase or maintenance plan with confidence.

Mystic Home Inspection is your full service home inspection company, whether you are home buyer, owner or investor. Find more information on our services below. For more information or a quote, call 781-475-8980 or send a message to Don now.
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Home Buyers
As a home buyer it is critical that you specify a home inspection contingency in your offer to purchase a home. The home inspection is your chance to learn about how your home works, maintenance required, and any defects that it has. At the home inspection, you will not only learn important aspects of the house, but also will have time to spend in the house for measuring and taking photographs.

Home Owners/Sellers
Home owners should consider a "pre-market" home inspection. Instead of waiting for a potential home buyer and their home inspector, you the owner can have your own inspection months or a year before planning to sell. Then, you can decide what projects to do to make sure the home sale process goes as smoothly as possible.


Concealed water damage (cooler blue areas) were revealed with an infrared camera


Visual Image

IR Image
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